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Abad, M. and Wynn, A. Building Resilience in Diversity and Inclusion Programs. MIT Sloan Management Review,


Mackenzie, L. N. and Abad, M. "Are Your Diversity Efforts Othering Underrepresented Groups?Harvard Business Review, February 5.


Abad, M. "Race, Knowledge, And Tasks: Racialized Occupational Trajectories", Race, Organizations, And The Organizing Process (Research In The Sociology Of Organizations, Vol. 60), Emerald Publishing Limited, Pp. 111-130.


Abad.M. Intersectionality and Organizational Leadership: Kitchen Cabinet Meeting Report

Open Book
School LIbrary


Abad, M. Intersectionality and Diversity Management: A Theoretical Proposal (invited submission, edited volume)

Manuscripts in Progress


Abad, M. Race, Gender and the Elite Labor Market: The Wisdom Behind Cultural Capital (for American Sociological Review)

Abad. M. Protecting Status Or The Job?: Race, Criteria, And Jurisdiction Regulation In An Occupational Community (for Work and Occupations)

In Progress

Abad, M. Intersectionality in Practice: Moving Away from One Dimensional Understanding of Diversity in the Workplace

Abad, M and Mickey, E. Interrogating Whiteness in Organizational Diversity Initiatives

Abad, M. Interrogating the Veil: Assessing the Tensions of Being an Outsider-Within (for Social Problems)

Modern Laptop
Typewriter Keys

Emerging Projects

Data Analyzed

Intersectionality and the Experiences of Asian Women in the Workplace (Leadership survey data and 20 interviews with Asian women white collar professionals)


Identity-Based Professional Associations

(database on professional organizations for STEM, marketing, and business)

Diversity Language 

(database of publicly available diversity reports and statements of private sector organizations)

Profiles of Senior Women of Color in the Private Sector

(database on coverage of high profile women of color in the technology and finance industries)

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